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Slabs and Pads of Concrete

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Home improvement projects can be so painfully overwhelming.  Even if you know a few of the basics, when it comes to something like concrete and other structural and support work, a trusted professional is the place to turn for the most success with your vision.  A good concrete person is worth their weight in much higher quality substances than they work with, for sure!  That is to say, ask anyone who has made the mistake of a do-it-yourself concrete slab for a hot tub if they’d do it again…  You’ll find that they probably spent more to have their DIY job fixed than they would have if they’d just hired the pros from the get-go.   That’s not to say it can’t be tackled with the right amount of research, help and muscle… but who has time for that?  Forms, measuring, dirt work, “do we need rebar for this?” and more headaches are immediately alleviated when you choose the local Oklahoma City pro for concrete!

Here at Okie Concrete, we have decades of wide-breadth concrete experience that will ensure your project is not only exactly what you dreamt, but is over-delivered with precision, quality, excellent use of time, and respect for your property.  Our slabs and pads are a perfect solution as a base for a pergola, outdoor kitchen, shed, or hot tub.  Imagine paving over the back lawn, never to have to mow again.  That jungle can be replaced by a basketball court fit for a junior high baller on their way to the big leagues!  Just think of the conversations you’ll have.  It’ll be just like Father of the Bride!  Ahhh, nostalgia.

Any time you think of someone who needs a slab or pad of concrete, we want you to think of Okie concrete first.  A slab of concrete can be the blank canvas your family needs to begin creating new memories. You may think our product is lame, until you need it or you start dreaming of the possibilities!  Maybe a safe place to side-walk chalk in the back yard is the perfect place to draw out a hopscotch grid.  Two simple bold lines could start a fierce battle of four square like back in the day.  Ohhhh those bouncy balls were the best, weren’t they? Where do you get those anyway? Let’s go back to the third grade… an unnamed Moore school elementary goofball stands in line to defeat the slick Jason (who all the girls swooned over) in tether ball.  Imagine your delight when you teach little Jaxson to slam it like you did back in the day.  It is, after all, your playground sports reputation that got his Momma to “check yes” on that colorful triangle note you passed to her under the nose of Mrs. Hall back in the 7th grade, right?

See?  Concrete isn’t boring!  It’s our family’s livelihood, it’s your tribe’s opportunity for memories, and it’s the growth, expansion of and investment into your home as well!  We’re all spending more time at the house with our families and friends now.  Isn’t it time you create something for yourself and your loved ones that lasts?  That simple pad of concrete, with your toddler’s tiny handprint and date (which we’ll let ya do, of course…) is just the beginning of you building your legacy.  The property, the great-great grandkids, the concrete.  It’ll all be there long after you’re gone- and so will the memories you create on your new concrete slab.  Let us help Call us, your local Okie partner for all your concrete needs.

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