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“Whyyyyy does everyone have a firepit & patio but us? It’s like the plumber’s house with a leaky sink!”

-The lament of my partner way too long after we’d been in this niche.

It’s not even about keeping up with the Jones’… Fire pits are badass.  They allow a place to gather, keep warm, roast marshmallows, and make endless memories “pickin’ & grinnin'” as my Southern Great Nannie Sue would’ve said.

Adding more square footage to your home can be a very expensive and daunting task if you take on a home addition project.  One of the quickest ways to add value on a budget is to add livable space to your outdoor areas!  Large front or back patios are rising in popularity along with decks and other outdoor structures.  The time is here where we’re all getting together more at home instead of at the neighborhood bar and grill.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to safely host your crew in your own back yard kitchen?  That starts with a firm concrete patio to build it upon!  Let us take care of the groundwork and headache of the planning, construction and delivery so you can put your dreams on top of what we build.  The patio is where some of my most vivid childhood memories take me back to.  My great grandmother’s stoop was where I snapped green beans, shelled peas, saw my sister’s hair “turned up” (braided) and probably where I snuck my first sip of MGD if we’re being honest.  It’s a place where families do their living.  It’s the place your grandkid skins their knee and where your beloved mutt basks in the February sun.

If a firepit is on your mind, you’re certainly not alone.  There’s nothing quite like the nostalgia that comes from sitting around a fire on a cool Norman September evening.  Listening to the Sooners on the radio, or maybe you’re close enough to hear the booming PA that echoes throughout the established trees of the campus corner.  If your Edmond slice of heaven is just missing an outdoor oasis, have us extend your patio to cover new ground and perhaps even make way for our friends at Backyard Builder OKC to come in and create your one of a kind dream around our foundation.  Away from it all is what you envisioned, and now that you’ve got your piece of land, it’s time to bring a firepit or fireplace to the equation.  Envision your most intimate circle of pals singing together by the fire, lazy dog on the porch and the kids are roasting weenies and marshmallows. Life is just… good, man.  The smell of Oklahoma blackjack wood is wafting through the air, driving away bugs and simultaneously permeating your clothes with the delicious scent of summer.  It would be delightful, wouldn’t it?  We can make it happen.

Let Okie Concrete be the expert you call on to help you develop the patio concept that is not only functional, but beautiful, durable and exactly what your family deserves.  Call now!

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