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How much will my concrete Driveway cost

Concrete driveways look great, are durable and can be more affordable than you think.

You may be asking yourself, “how much will my concrete driveway cost?” if you’re in need of some more parking at your home.  Concrete driveways look great, are durable and can be more affordable than you think. Concrete is very durable, and an excellent material to put under your tires as parking space on your property. Concrete is also extremely versatile in design; whether you need a conventional slab or something with more decorative elements like curbs or decorative stamps, concrete driveway contractors can do it all.


A Concrete Driveway Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank


Driving over rough Oklahoma roads can take a toll on cheaper materials like asphalt concrete. Concrete driveways cost a bit up front to install, but in the long run will save you money by lasting longer and requiring minimal replacement because of its durability. If you’re looking for concrete companies that service Oklahoma City you’ve come to the right place. Okie Concrete has tons of experience in pouring driveway and patio extensions here in the Oklahoma Metro area. Concrete driveways can also be stamped to look like brick, cobblestone, or even wood grain. Concrete stamping is an inexpensive way to add a lot of curb appeal when you’re trying to sell your house or just make it look more beautiful in the long run.  Of course, any decorative treatment would result in an increased charge per square foot. A new driveway, depending on the size, grade of materials, area of the country and thickness wanted can range from $1750 to $6000.

Concrete Driveway Cost


Concrete contractors will need adequate time to pour a new driveway. This depends on the shape of the existing surface and what your needs for your driveway are. The average cost for material delivered is $125 per cubic yard which comes out to around $2,000 for the materials alone for a standard driveway.  It’s easy to see why contractors charge by the square foot for materials and by the foot or hour for labor. It’s very labor intensive work.


A good average cost for concrete driveways is calculated per square foot.

Some concrete contractors charge by the hour for labor and driveways take at least a couple of days to pour so figure on about $1000 or more in labor costs which doesn’t include the concrete itself, other required materials. The experience and skill of your installer, and any required cleaning up after construction will.

Concrete Contractors have many different processes to ensure that your driveway is poured correctly. Concrete driveway costs can range from as low as $5 per square foot to well over $10 per square foot depending on what your needs are, how much work needs to be put into your driveway surface, and how good you want your job done…


You can trust our pros at Okie Concrete to give you a fair quote for your driveway project. We will follow through on pouring your concrete with expert precision and you’ll be very satisfied with our service. 


We pride ourselves in the quality of our Concrete Contractors. We will take care of all the Concrete Driveway needs for you and if there is ever a problem or concern we are just a phone call away. We want you to have peace of mind knowing that when it’s time for Concrete Driveways in Oklahoma City, Okie Concrete has got you covered.

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