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Slabs and Pads of Concrete


A new home build is quite an undertaking.  Whether you’re an experienced building contractor with decades of experience, or nailing up a log cabin in the woods with hand tools for the first time, the stress can be insurmountable for some.  As with life and any other process we go through, a smooth project starts with a firm foundation.  Our home, building, barn and other structural foundations are constructed with the upmost integrity, with the best products and more attention to detail you can find anywhere else here in the OKC metro area.  We live and work among you, so it’s never our goal to make our neighborhoods less beautiful or functional.  Concrete is in every area of our lives, so making it work to our benefit is our goal!

Sidewalks seem like such a simple thing that we all just expect to be there.  Have you ever moved to a new area that didn’t value sidewalks?  When you’ve got a kid who rides their bike to school, a teenager walking the dog, or a spouse trying to get into shape, it’s pretty imperative that sidewalks are present for their safety and use. If your property is prone to puddles and muddy trenches, let us pave those pesky sides of the house right away!  Wouldn’t it be so nice to go through the gate without your rain boots on for a change?  As one of the best concrete companies in Norman and Moore, we have come to realize that this is one of our top requests for the use of concrete in residential neighborhoods.  Aside from public access sidewalks, having your own sidewalks and walkways can add tremendous value to your home that lasts a lifetime.  I still see the date (1990) and the footprint of my sister and I in my parent’s back yard every time we’re there.  It reminds me of their decision to do that when I was a kid and I thought it was a strange way to spend money at 10…. Now, as they age, I’m so happy and grateful that they have a firm footing along the entire perimeter of their home.  I’m glad they made that investment back then.

How many cars does your driveway hold?  Do you have a multi-family or multi-generational household with more drivers and vehicles than spaces to park them in?  Are your kids creeping up in age and adding yet another car to your insurance plan AND taking up more space? It’s tough, but it’s a fact we’ve already had to live through many times over… Let us get you fixed up.  Another one car’s width of space can make such a difference when your toddler needs space to ride their big wheel and scooter out front without you moving the mini van to the street.  Maybe you’re just the home where everyone ends up for holidays, games and on random Tuesday nights for poker- or Bunco… Is that still a thing?  More space is almost never a bad thing.  Especially space you rarely have to clean!  Our partners at Norman Pressure Washing can hook you up with maintenance service on concrete, anyway- so that’s out of your hands.

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