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Decorative Concrete

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Let us treat your new or existing concrete surfaces to add extra life, luster, strength, grip or simply better reflect your personal style.  There are so many applications and processes that can be applied to improve the appearance and even further preserve concrete, preventing cracks and stains.  Overlays can generally bond to almost any stable surface including other concrete, asphalt, wood, tile and stone.  Both stamping and overlays can create the appearance of real stone, brick, or even tile in unbelievable detail. There are endless options for the patterns and movement we can create together.  Imagine achieving a red brick look on your circle driveway.  Nothing says “welcome home to your castle” like an antique cobblestone driveway that can be achieved with our expertise and creativity.

Staining concrete enhances it’s surface by using transparent reactive solutions to bring out the unique character of each slab. This technique can bring amazing depth and detail to any ordinary concrete surface.  Choose from a plethora of colors to create exactly the look you’re going for. The return on your investment in curb appeal alone will pay dividends in your satisfaction when you’re pulling in the drive.

The pool area will look brand new with our acid staining process.  It’s so cool, y’all. The metallic salts in the acid stain reacts with the lime creating the most unique effect. Acid is applied to concrete surfaces and the reaction created directly with the substances makes a rich & varied finish that will not crack, peel, crack, fade or chip. Lightly etching the surface, it allows the metallic salts to penetrate more easily, and give a beautiful result that you will love and that will impress your guests.

Concrete polished and sealed with polymers or other sealants is another popular choice for floors, tabletops or even counters.  We love artistic projects!  Call today to work with us to make your space worthy of your imagination.

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