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Curbs and Retaining Walls

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One of the services that can bring the most aesthetics to your landscaping is custom curbing.  If you’ve ever drove around obsessing over the beautifully appointed berms, trees and flowerbeds in and around OKC, you know that there is a vast difference in the options to contain your plants.  As a kid, I remember my parents wrestling with the dark green sheets of terrifying, hand slicing landscaping metal.  What a joke that stuff was.  Then along came the tiny little white chicken-wire looking scallop fences, which a field bunny could plow down with the teensiest of hops.  As I grew older and started paying attention to the changes in options, I was shocked to see how sturdy and versatile they became.

Custom curbing is not only a valuable and permanent landscaping investment, it adds symmetry and order to your property.  The erosion control that concrete curbing provides will save your soil and mulch from constantly washing away, further protecting the investment of your trees and other perennials as well.  Ask about adding colorant to your concrete to achieve an even more uniform look to your home’s exterior.  Curb appeal is easily added with custom curbing!

If you’ve never actually needed a retaining wall, thank your lucky stars.  If you have, then you understand the frustration of the constant erosion and unlevel land near your place.  In the case of need-based retaining walls, we can help you create a functional and purposeful wall that can also look great!  Controlling erosion on your property, whether your residence or a commercial area, can pay dividends in the future.  Land work can be expensive, and if you need it, certainly call up our pals at Edmond Excavator to get you level again.  But if you need to prevent future problems, give us a call.

Your stem wall can also be used for seating, as planters or even to just divide spaces up among your property.  When you choose Okie Concrete right here as your neighbor in Oklahoma City, your concrete project will be professionally managed and delivered with integrity and experienced capability by another Oklahoman who is feeding his family right here by partnering with local residents to make their concrete needs a reality. 

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