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Concrete Repair & Cleaning

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No material is 100% free from the constant burden of maintenance.  Even the surfaces beneath our feet are subject to weather, dirt, oil, and constant wear and tear.  Although concrete is a very low maintenance product, waxing or sealing it every few years can extend the life and beauty of your investment in concrete.  Regular washing with water, or a mild dish detergent can extend the life of your concrete.  Power washing is best and can add amazing life to your concrete, but you’ll need it much less if your concrete is stained or sealed.  Talk to us about heavy duty cleaning, or sealing.  Our staining, acid treatment or even overlays might be the right option for you. For pressure washing services in and around the Norman, OK area, you can get with our partner Norman Pressure Washing and they’ll provide you with excellent local services.

Maybe you have broken concrete on your property that is a both a potential danger and an eyesore.  The risk of someone injuring themselves on your property due to crumbling concrete isn’t one most of us can afford to take.  We can take old steps and turn them into a solid footing that you, your family, guests and strangers alike can be confident about.  Old or improperly poured sidewalks, walkways or pads can create a big problem if not tended to.

Let us know right away how we can help your broken or dirty concrete be reborn.

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