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Concrete Countertops in the Metro

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If you’ve even thought about new kitchen countertops in your home, you probably have on of those online pin boards of saved pictures and ideas so vast that you can no longer organize your thoughts.  Do you have a social media folder full of potential contractors just waiting to pull trigger with someone who will do a good job? Did you save the pictures of those gorgeous counters that somehow pop up on your feed (after you’ve dropped endless hints to your spouse who never bites?)  Ope.  Back to topic–  With the prices and limitations on granite, marble and other solid surfaces, no wonder the interest in them in recent years has waned.  Concrete is a countertop option that is gaining popularity among hosts of folks looking for value, function and versatility in their kitchens.

Not only is concrete completely heat resistant, the color options are endless.  As with color, the unlimited options for casting in any shape lends an opportunity for modern creativity and more.  The many edge options offer additional areas to be different from every angle of your kitchen, down to the lines and curves.

One common question we hear is “Will concrete stain?”  The short answer is “yes.”  Acidic foods like dark wines, vinegar and citrus fruit can begin to etch the surface of concrete if it’s left there too long. The sealant used will help resist ordinary stains.  For those who love all things well-loved, rest assured that over time a one of a kind patina will develop that enhances your unique surface.  The best way to reduce staining is to just clean any spills quickly.  You’re there being clumsy anyway, right? Once sealed, the material does become stain-resistant and this process can be repeated time and time again to extend the life of your beautiful, sturdy new counter top investment.

But, really, with proper care and maintenance, this will be the best counter top you’ve ever cut a biscuit on.  Talk to us about your new concrete kitchen counter tops today.

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