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Okie Concrete OKC Spreading Concrete FoundationsOkie Concrete is your best choice among all the Oklahoma City concrete companies! Concrete is the most popular and one of the oldest building materials we have. This substance that makes up our actual livelihood is quite fitting—it’s reliable & strong- like our Oklahoma City family! Concrete is ONE of the few things we can guarantee nobody will steal! Since the ancient Mayans smeared their roofs with a pasty rock & volcanic ash mixture, we humans have been tweaking and changing up the composition of

cement, water and aggregates (as well as loads of different additives) to make this useful material work in our favor! Whether you need a slab for that hot tub you finally talked your spouse into, or a stem wall to retain those beautiful (yet pesky) cannas in your yard, our concrete company has you covered! Have you found yourself asking “How much will my concrete driveway cost?” We have the answers for you. The short answer is between $5-$10 per square foot, depending on a lot of factors.

Concrete is among the most enduring building materials we can use, especially in our harsh and unpredictable Oklahoma climate. It’s durability only increases over time and it’s definitely less likely to go up in flames than any similar structure made of wood. Let our experience and expertise speak for itself! Whatever job your home or business needs, we can tackle it!  If someone else’s job needs repair, we’ve got that covered too. Improperly laid concrete can pose safety hazards with unlevel surfaces, shifting, drainage or even cracks. We can fix the problems other concrete companies create and prevent future ones by doing the job right the first time, every time!

Finely poured concrete adds such curb appeal to a home. Whether you’re looking to sell, or finally enjoy your forever home–having that crack-less, pristine driveway and a perfectly curved walkway to your inviting patio is the ultimate way to not just keep up with the Jones’s but maybe keep them off your lawn while we’re at it… It might even give unannounced visitors a safer path to walk so they can see your “no soliciting” sign and wonder what it means before they ring the bell and wake the baby… 😉 At least there won’t be a claim on your already overpriced homeowner’s insurance, right?

Our concrete skills crisscross the functional and artistic spectrum, so we’re ready and willing to tackle projects of all shapes & sizes. You can look to us for a finished product that you can be proud of! Your newest project will look beautiful for years to come.

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Do you have crumbling stairs? Does your sidewalk look like ancient ruins? Do you need extra parking? Is your driveway getting a little cramped? Maybe you’re sick of that muddy mess down the side of your house that the dog will NOT stay out of after a steady Oklahoma rain? (or a 2 minute flash flood warning…) Our well-trained concrete services personnel can pour new (or even repair old) driveways, sidewalks, and steps of all kinds. This not only increases your home’s value, but provides better safety for guests or passersby.  Whether you need your driveway extended, widened, or you need your driveway torn out and rebuilt, you won’t be disappointed in our concrete services.


We're Concrete Kings!

Outdoor Services

Patios & Firepits

There’s nothing quite like an Oklahoma sunset in the fall- Imagine being on your stamped and stained concrete patio, next to the built-in concrete firepit—Sooners VS. Cowboys on the big screen- weenies and marshmallows aflame… Ahhhhh, sweatshirts and pumpkin spice- I can see it now- all on your pristine patio paved by yours truly. Invite me over for some sweet tea later, okay? Orrr…just a free quote. We even build custom concrete commercial firepits perfect for your patrons parking their fannies to warm up.

Decks and Pool Areas

Wait, maybe we’re by the pool and it’s July (Go ‘Murica.) The perfect pool deck can make an old ugly pool come alive- or maybe your swimming hole is just being dug out? Consult with us for a beautiful and lasting surface to surround your in-ground pool. We even have tricks to make them less slippery! Concrete is a durable, quality material against the harsh enviornment of your pool. Call for a quote on our concrete services, and you’ll be parking your tushy on your custom concrete pool deck before you know it.

Curbs and Retaining Walls

Concrete can be both visually appealing and still serve a definite purpose. Custom concrete curbs and retaining walls can help direct drainage. Improper yard drainage can cause a myriad of problems. If you’re like my Momma, that mulch surrounding your precious magnolia sapling better stay put for goodness sake! (She needed a hefty decorative curb.) If you need a tool to control erosion and drainage, or your little slice of heaven needs a natural looking break, just contact us for a well-crafted and perfectly appointed wall or curb.

Decorative Services

Untreated concrete surfaces tend to be porous and have a basic and bland appearance. Luckily, there are so many applications and processes that can be applied to improve the appearance and even further preserve your custom concrete, preventing cracks and stains. From exposed aggregate, to acid washes, staining or stamping, Okie Concrete is here to pave the way for your gorgeous homestead to become exactly what you envision.

Concrete Services for Countertops

Want a versatile, quality surface for your kitchen remodel or new home? Treat yourself with custom concrete countertops. With proper care and maintenance, this will be the best counter top you’ve ever cut a biscuit on. Talk to us about your new concrete kitchen counter tops today.

Concrete Repairs and Maintenance

No material is ever truly maintenance free. Though concrete is certainly low maintenance, waxing or sealing every few years can extend the life and beauty of your surface. Talk to us about cleaning, sealing or repairing old broken concrete.

Additions and Buildings

The right foundation is the cornerstone for any new addition to your home, garage or outbuilding or commercial project. We’ll work with your developer or contractor to ensure all of the specifications are being met for your expansion. We perform concrete services in Moore, Oklahoma City, Midwest City, Edmond and beyond.

We will pour concrete from Edmond to Moore, Midwest City to Oklahoma City and anywhere in between!

We’re proud to now have our concrete contractors in Norman as well! We love serving our local community with excellent concrete work.

Now serving these metro area locations, and more!


For a retaining wall San Mateo, you can visit our trusted Cali friends here.

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